Encourages positive connections during any (business) meeting. Whether it is a conference, event, offsite or staff meeting, within a few simple steps you upgrade any meeting to an interactive and dynamic session. MEET&CONNECT adds an interactive layer to any event to make valuable connections. With a 30-minute playtime, any event gets a MEET&CONNECT upgrade in no time.

What Can You Expect from MEET&CONNECT?

MEET&CONNECT is the approachable conversation starter where everyone is challenged to make as many contacts as possible through 12 surprising, light-hearted and motivating questions and assignments. The result is a dynamic atmosphere and fun conversations to come back to throughout the day. Use as a team-building tool at staff meetings to get to know each other in a different way, or at business events to easily establish new contacts. MEET&CONNECT is successfully used as an icebreaker game to open the day, or as an energizer to give an event a boost.

Plug & Play

MEET & CONNECT is super simple to deploy at any meeting. All you need is a smartphone and a large screen. Via a QR code, MEET&CONNECT can be started immediately at any location with internet. MEET&CONNECT can already be played in groups as small as 15 people, can be started within 1 minute and with a playtime of 30 minutes, it can easily be added to any existing or yet to be created program.

“An absolute must-have for modern events, where connecting with others is the key to success. Fun, accessible, satisfied participants and highly recommended for any event.”


  • Positive connection made approachable
  • Dynamic and interactive upgrade for any meeting
  • Surprising conversation starter
  • Icebreaker at meeting or energizer to keep people involved.
  • Existing format easily adapted to specific theme.
  • Can be personalized according to your wishes, theme and/or corporate identity.
  • Standard 30 minutes playtime but can be adjusted to your own wishes
  • Quick set-up thanks to QR code & smartphone.
  • When: meetings, conferences, conventions, offsites, staff meetings, corporate events, introduction day etc.

A must-have addition to modern events, where connecting with others is the key to success. Fun, accessible, enjoyed by all participants, and highly recommended for any event.

Tim Rosman, President MPI Netherlands Chapter

Looking for a networking component at your event? Try UP Digital’s Meet&Connect game.
Beyond expectations fun and useful. It boosts interaction and connects participants in an approachable way.
Because we personalized our game with our own questions, we were able to pull the experience toward topics relevant to us.

Heidi Molijn, Certified Event Professional at Conclusion

The Meet&Connect game was a hit!! We were very curious whether our Fellows would like it, but there was no doubt about it once we started.

A lot of (new) connections were made and the energy got real high. A good kick-start and icebreaker of the day.

Suzanne Booij, Teamlead Customer Service at Fellowminds
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