What do I need?

  • A laptop with internet connection
  • A screen and audio that reaches all participants
  • Enough space for people to get up & move around!

What do the event attendees need?

The game itself is played on phones. So make sure your attendees have their phone with them and are able to use their camera.

How to set it up?

After you booked MEET&CONNECT you will receive a link to your game.

  • Open the game link*
  • Connect your laptop to the screen and sound
  • Enter Full Screen mode
  • Perform a sound and screen test -> Click on play. To bring the game back to the start you can use the stop button in the left corner. Want to adjust the screen proportions? Use the browser zoom.
  • Turn off the sleep mode of the laptop you use! Otherwise, it runs the risk to turn off while playing the video.

* We recommend to use a Chrome browser

How to host MEET&CONNECT?

Before you start:

Important: Have your smartphone ready.

Press play to start the experience!

During the game:

Participants have 20 minutes to play the game.

After the game:

Everyone’s attention back to the screen? Press on play to start the award ceremony and look at the pictures taken during the game.


Curious what the full experience, that you are going to play on your screen, will look like? Check out the video!


What if someone has a problems with their phone and cannot join?

Don’t worry! Just let the participant join another participant to play. Together they can play on one phone and team up with partners.