Customize your MEET&CONNECT

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Elevate your event with a customized MEET&CONNECT experience

At UP Digital, we know every event is unique. That’s why we offer fully customizable MEET&CONNECT experiences. Integrate your company’s logo and colors to match your brand identity seamlessly. Add categories with tailored questions and tasks for a more personal and relevant experience for all participants.

Whether it’s a conference, corporate outing, or team-building session, a customized MEET&CONNECT game will elevate your event to the next level. Discover how our tailored solutions can make your event unforgettable and foster genuine connections.

  • Fully customize your MEET&CONNECT experience
  • Integrate your company’s logo and colors
  • Add categories with company-specific questions and tasks

Personalize with your own branding and content

Enhance your MEET&CONNECT experience by adding your company’s logo and colors, creating a cohesive and professional look. This personalized touch boosts brand visibility and strengthens participant connection to your brand.

Further customize by incorporating your own questions and challenges. Focus on topics that matter most to your team and event goals. Whether it’s company-specific trivia, industry-related questions, or team-building tasks, your custom content ensures relevance and engagement. Create a unique, memorable experience that fosters deeper connections.

  • Enhance brand visibility with customized logos and colors
  • Ensure a cohesive and professional event look
  • Focus on relevant topics for your team and event goals
  • Foster deeper connections and engagement with participants
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Pricing Options

At MEET&CONNECT, we offer flexible pricing options to suit your customization needs, ensuring a tailored experience that fits your budget.

Customize Option 1

from €350

Enhance your MEET&CONNECT experience by adding your company’s background color, logo, and 1 button, along with 3 customized questions or tasks. This option provides a personalized touch, ideal for smaller gatherings or focused team sessions.

  • Adding background color + logo
  • 1 button & 3 questions/tasks

Customize Option 2

from €1500

This package includes your company’s background color, logo, up to 12 buttons, and 36 questions or tasks. Ideal for larger events or detailed corporate engagements, it ensures a fully branded and interactive experience.

  • Adding background color + logo
  • Up to 12 button & 36 questions/tasks

Whether you opt for the Basic Package or one of our Customize Options, MEET&CONNECT delivers a cost-effective solution designed to elevate engagement, foster connections, and enhance your event’s impact.

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Custom MEET&CONNECT for every occasion

Get to know the organization
Engage your team with a custom MEET&CONNECT session focused on your organization’s achievements. This setup encourages participants to reflect on and discuss the company’s milestones and successes. It’s an excellent way to instill pride and a deeper connection to the organization, making everyone feel part of the journey and its accomplishments.

Examples of questions you can ask:

  • How many packages do you think we shipped in 2024?
  • How much CO2 did we reduce in 2024?
  • Lead the company for a day! Discuss together what you would do/change if you were in charge.
  • Take a photo with your partner, depicting a key company achievement in a creative way.
  • Share a story about a team accomplishment that made you proud.

Connect to an important theme of the event + organisation
Tailor your MEET&CONNECT experience to align with the central theme of your event and the overarching goals of your organization. This approach facilitates meaningful discussions and activities that emphasize the importance of the theme, promoting a cohesive and focused environment. It’s an effective way to ensure your event’s message resonates with all participants.

Examples of questions you can ask:

  • Put the following foods in order from most eaten to least eaten (left to right) at lunch worldwide.
  • How many minutes would an average person have to run to burn the calories of a Big Mac?
  • Exercise together and take a picture!
  • Discuss how this year’s event theme impacts our industry.
  • What steps can we take to better integrate this theme into our daily operations?

Attach relation to work environment
Strengthen the bond between employees by focusing on their experiences and aspirations within the work environment. A customized MEET&CONNECT session can help participants share their personal stories, past projects, and future ambitions. This promotes a supportive atmosphere, encouraging collaboration and a deeper understanding among colleagues.

Examples of questions you can ask:

  • Talk about your experience of your first day working at [company].
  • Talk about a project you have done in the past that you are very proud of.
  • Capture a picture with your partner, showing how you would celebrate a major company success.
  • What is one thing you would improve in our work environment and why?
  • Talk about a project that you would like to start in the near future.